It’s Not About Us – It’s About You!

JLR Garage Door Service delivers affordable, attractive, reliable, safe and efficient garage door solutions throughout Carver, Hennepin, McLeod, Meeker, Sibley and Wright Counties, MN.

JLR Garage Door Service is a local, family-owned business in Delano, MN. We have over three decades of experience in garage door installation, replacement, maintenance and repair. We service residential and commercial properties throughout Carver, Hennepin and Wright Counties, as well as the surrounding area.

When it comes to our job, we respect one thing above all else: the sanctity of our clients’ homes and businesses. We appreciate that any property’s garage door is its most noticeable feature, and greatly affects its curb appeal. No matter their budget, we strive to provide every client with a garage door that enhances their home or commercial property’s market value.

We also respect our client’s ability to enjoy full use of their garage. That’s why our mission is to deliver safety, reliability and efficiency during every project we have the honor of undertaking. Many of our clients only use their garages when they’re coming or going. Many others treat their garages as workshops, man caves or family gathering spaces. Several more rely on their garage doors in the course of their business. All of our clients’ goals for their garage doors are equally important to us, which is why our work never deviates from outstanding.

Ultimately, JLR Garage Door Service isn’t “about us.” It’s about earning your trust by treating your domestic life or livelihood with the respect it deserves. We’re passionate about garage doors because they’re our business – but we only made them our business because we’re passionate about creating value in a very big way.

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